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Polcode is an experienced Magento development company that delivers e-commerce solutions. Increase your online store sales and revenue with us.

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Magento Development Services

At Polcode, we have a lot of experience with Magento development. This means we deliver the best of the best in ecommerce solutions like Magento migration from 1.x to 2.x, customization, integration with software products and ongoing support. We can support you in all of your Magento needs, whether it’s building your Magento site from scratch, or performing a seamless Magento 2 upgrade.

Magento eCommerce Platform Development

Building your Magento site from scratch, providing amazing end-to-end development for your e-commerce solution.

Updating Magento 1.x to Magento 2.x

Keeping your Magento site up-to-date with the latest technology, making sure your business has everything it needs to flourish.

Seamless Migration Delivery

Flawlessly migrating your current e-commerce site to a Magento e-commerce solution.

Ongoing Support and Maintenance

Providing you with ongoing support once the main development of your Magento project is complete.

Existing Magento Website Modifications

Modifying your existing Magento site, to keep it current and ensure that your UX is top-notch.

Bug Fixing & Optimization

Optimizing your Magento e-commerce site, and keeping it bug free.

Integrations with Other Systems

Integrating your Magento site with stock management systems, tax management systems and any payment gateways you need.

Security and Fraud Prevention Analysis

Providing the best in analytics to avoid issues with your Magento site’s security and prevent fraud.

SEO Optimization

Optimizing the searchability of your site, to keep your Magento shop in the lead of any competitors.

Case Studies

Magento Solutions


Migration from a custom e-commerce platform to Magento 1, with further development and maintenance.

Magento Solutions

Dock and Bay

Building a Magento multistore from scratch, requiring both frontend and backend developers. The frontend involved customizing the theme template, while the backend required the development of custom features.

Magento Solutions

Boom |

Boom looked to Polcode for a Magento 2 upgrade, from version 2.2.0. to 2.3.2 Community Edition.

Experts in Polcode

At Polcode, we’re a team of around 40 experienced professionals. We aim for overall transparency and work hard to build a partnership that will you with the right expertise for your Magento development services.

We’re the leading experts in Magento e-commerce platforms, and we’re here to help you drive your business growth. Our longest cooperation with Magento partners is now more than 3 years, and we have been listed on Clutch as a TOP Magento Developer in Europe and Poland.

Meet some of our Magento experts, who are providing the best in Magento solutions.

Kamil B.

King of Magento
In Polcode for much longer than he can remember. Huge fan of basketball (especially the NBA). Likes projects that give him an opportunity to think out-of-the-box. Happy husband who likes to travel with his beautiful wife. When there’s nothing „better” to do - it’s always good to play some Path of Exile.

#Magento1&2 #PHP #SQL #JS #docker

Chris L.

Magento Virtuoso
Developer with years of experience, unafraid of frontend and backend-related tasks. He thinks the best way to success is nothing other than „communication”. Proud husband and father… and a football fan.

#Magento1&2 #PHP #ReactJS #RWD #SQL

Bartek T.

Magento Aficionado
Bartek decided to quit his acting career to focus on #IT. Compilers have a hard-time keeping up with him since then. Jack of all trades - developer, your to-go DevOps guy and server admin. Fan of cycling and a horrible volleyball player.

#Magento1&2 #PHP #Python #VueJS #Docker

Related Services

We’re the Magento experts, offering you a full range of services. We provide Magento 2 upgrades, and also have the know-how to build your site from scratch.

Ensuring your online shop is up-to-date, we also offer the service of updating your Magento 1.x website to Magento 2.x. The upgrades are delivered seamlessly by our developers, who love working Magento and have loads of experience. We also offer many other services for your Magento site, including integrations with stock management systems, ongoing support and maintenance, and bug fixing.


This has been our second project with Polcode team and it has been a wonderful experience working with both Adrian and Maggie. They know how to ask the right questions going into every project and it feels like we’re partnering together at each step. We’re very happy with the results delivered and look forward to working with them again

Eric Le Calvez, Director and Co-founder

I was worried about the distance as we are based in Hong Kong, but it was very pleasant and easy to work with the team and they were able to guide us through all our questions and requests promptly. Highly recommend!

Rebecca Jo Rushdy

We have worked with Polcode for over a year now and can honestly say it has been a pleasure. We have found all of your staff to be the most qualified, knowledgeable and detail oriented of any we have worked with. We really appreciate the work you did up front finding capable people, it has saved us dozens of hiring hours and hundreds of project management hours. Each developer became a big part of our decision and planning team along with their coding responsibilities.

Paul Fowler

We have been working with Polcode prior to our inception as SUMO, for approximately five years. Working closely with their top developers and account managers we have launched and maintained many sites such as Luggage Online, Midwest Supplies, and TYR. We would highly recommend working with Polcode for any project.

Robert Brodie , CTO

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